What Does Governance Mean in Aged Care

Mind map of leadership values for governance in aged care.

 Governance in aged care is what the leadership team do when they make decisions and develop systems for the homes. It is a set of policies, behaviours and procedures that ensure the best care and services are delivered. Management teams are responsible for the safe delivery of many high-quality care services.

Examples of governance in Aged Care

There is governance at every level of management and service delivery, some examples include:

  • Managment engage and communicate with people: Handing out a feedback and complaints form or regularly updating people through social media and email are examples of effective communication.
  • Promote a safe and inclusive culture in the home: Everyone needs to feel safe in their home or when they come to work. It’s the organisations responsibility to actively promote this through information, resources and activities.
  • Systems to regularly assess risks and remove hazards: This is important, Embracia has extensive training for staff, so they know how spot and report risks.

Like everything in aged care, residents should always be at the centre of decision making. The processes and systems are there to benefit them and make sure they receive the best care. Providers also have a responsibility to their staff and need to make sure they have an exceptional training and work environment.

Characteristics of good governance

Leadership needs to consider how governance will align with the:  

  • Organisations core values and ethical behaviours.
  • Person-centred care principles. 
  • Clear policies and standards set for conduct and transparency.
  • Quick and efficient response times.

Good governance means continually improving the systems in place to keep an aged care home running at its best. Leadership ensures residents receive leading care and staff have the tools and knowledge they need to provide it. 

Find out more about governance in aged care at the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website.