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Sarah MacKenzie – Managing Director, Embracia Aged Care

Embracia Aged Care is family owned and operated with a strong 30 plus year history in aged care.  Our family grew up in aged care homes and we are passionate about creating a warm, friendly and thriving community of residents. Our Managing Director, Sarah lived in their first nursing home when she a child and has spent her life time with her family, creating a home for the elderly.

Our skill is in creating home, people create home throughout their lives and through various chapters in their lives and in all different parts of the world.  For some reason, we fail to create “home” when our elderly loved ones need care.  Historically nursing homes have been built like clinical institutions and more recently, like 5-star hotels.  At Embracia we understand the essence of home and we employ our own in-house Architectual and interior design team to ensure we build and create home for the elderly, at a time when they need it most.  Our greatest compliment is when someone walks through our doors and say “wow, this feels like home”. Our lifestyle focused approach means independence is encouraged and exceptional care is always a given and fun is an integral part of daily life at Embracia.

We know that choosing aged care is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make and that’s why we offer a holistic approach where family members, friends and pets are always welcome.  We are a part of our community and we welcome them to be part of us.

“We respect our residents, we acknowledge their history, and make sure they are still a valued member of the community”
– Sarah MacKenzie, Embracia 2nd generation family owner


Family owned and operated for over 30 years

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